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Closing up the YOGA C630 WOS 1

YOGA C630 WOS Battery Replacement

The battery in my YOGA C630 WOS was acting weird. The maximum charge was varying every single time, and sometimes it just would not charge to 100%. I thought it might be a software/firmware problem that should get fixed, but updates came and the problems persisted. It was time to...

Legion Y530 12

Legion Y530: Adding a HDD afterwards

The Legion Y530 can come with either one or two storage drives. It supports one M.2 SSD and one 2.5″ SATA drive. Thinking about getting one with the M.2 SSD only, and adding the 2.5″ drive later? This is the article for you! The drive options in the Legion Y530...

Lenovo Legion Y530 90

Legion Y530: RAM upgrade and maximum supported memory

If you find yourself in need for more RAM for your Legion Y530, can you update it yourself? Is it difficult? How much memory does the Legion Y530 support anyway? RAM upgrade? I ended up ordering a Legion Y530 that only contained 8GB of memory. As the machine is destined...