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ThinkPad P16 Gen 1 - Backside removed 0

Useful tips for repairing or upgrading your notebook

I have opened my notebooks many times, and did various repairs or upgrades on them. During these processes I have learnt a lot of lessons which I thought I would share in this article. If you are looking to add more RAM, repaste your CPU or perform repairs or upgrades...

Lenovo Quick Clean 0

Lenovo Quick Clean

COVID has been with us for close to 2 years now. We have probably developed all sorts of hygene and cleaning related routines. One such routine has been – hopefully – cleaning our computers. Especially the keyboards gather a lot of germs and dirt. This is where Lenovo Quick Clean...

ThinkPad P15 Gen 1 - Trackpad 1

The case of the ThinkPad P15 undocumeted trackpad gestures

The ThinkPad P15 User’s Manual has a nice section on touch gestures you can perform on the trackpad. I really like how useful Lenovo User’s Manuals have become in guiding newcomers to all the great features. But there are some trackpad gestures which are not there – undocumented ones! 🙂...