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ThinkPad P15 Gen 1 - Trackpad 1

The case of the ThinkPad P15 undocumeted trackpad gestures

The ThinkPad P15 User’s Manual has a nice section on touch gestures you can perform on the trackpad. I really like how useful Lenovo User’s Manuals have become in guiding newcomers to all the great features. But there are some trackpad gestures which are not there – undocumented ones! ūüôā...


YOGA C630 WOS tip: Fx function keys vs hotkey

Out of the box the YOGA C630 WOS uses hotkeys instead of the Fx keys. So if you press the “F1” key, it will mute the speaker. If you want to invoke the F1 function, you need to press Fn+F1. In other Lenovo computers – that are not Snapdragon based...

Legion Y530 12

Legion Y530: Adding a HDD afterwards

The Legion Y530 can come with either one or two storage drives. It supports one M.2 SSD and one 2.5″ SATA drive. Thinking about getting one with the M.2 SSD only, and adding the 2.5″ drive later? This is the article for you! The drive options in the Legion Y530...