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YOGA C630 WOS tip: Fx function keys vs hotkey

Out of the box the YOGA C630 WOS uses hotkeys instead of the Fx keys. So if you press the “F1” key, it will mute the speaker. If you want to invoke the F1 function, you need to press Fn+F1. In other Lenovo computers – that are not Snapdragon based...


ThinkPad Compact Keyboard

I purchased a ThinkPad Compact Keyboard, the USB cable variant – there is also a bluetooth one. It feels just like a great ThinkPad notebook, and works great with my current desk-setup (dual monitors). Click the link above to view my album on Flickr. And it also works great with...


YOGA 900 keyboard configuration and hidden keys

In this post I will dig a little deeper into the keyboard of the YOGA 900. I have also written a review of the YOGA 900 and talked about my experience with the YOGA 900 during 6 months of usage. Function keys The YOGA 900 has a seperate row for...