Where Tech Meets Imagination: Introducing Dungeons and Devices

It has been a while since my last blog post. The COVID era brought about significant interruptions, and I never fully regained my rhythm for publishing content. Much has changed, but my passion for sharing my interests with others remains strong.

Instead of returning to traditional blog posts, I’ve decided to explore a new medium: podcasting.

Geek culture has always been close to my heart, making gaming, technology, and roleplaying games the perfect blend of topics I’m eager to discuss. And so, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest venture: Dungeons and Devices!

Dungeons and Devices episodes

There are already 7 episodes published! Here are the episodes grouped by topics. You can also visit the embedded player at the bottom of this post.

Tech topics

  • Episode 2: Motorola ThinkPhone – In this episode I talk with my friend Atli Jarl about the ThinkPhone. This Android phone allows some truly unique ways of working and getting things done.
  • Episode 4: Next gen ThinkPads: The 2024 lineup – in which I talk with my friend Benjamin from Notebookcheck about the ThinkPad lineup of this year. I might not have written about ThinkPads but I sure still follow along what happens with them!

Geek topic:

RPG topics:

Listening and following

Currently, Dungeons and Devices leans more heavily into RPG topics, but I am actively working to diversify the content by inviting guests to discuss various planned topics. I hope you find the episodes engaging and informative. If you enjoyed my blog, I invite you to give the podcast a listen.

You can listen to the podcast either on the Web or via your favorite podcasting app. Dungeons and Devices can be found on most podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcast and Spotify. Leave a review if you like what you hear 🙂

You can also follow my podcast on Twitter or on Facebook.

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