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Closing up the YOGA C630 WOS 1

YOGA C630 WOS Battery Replacement

The battery in my YOGA C630 WOS was acting weird. The maximum charge was varying every single time, and sometimes it just would not charge to 100%. I thought it might be a software/firmware problem that should get fixed, but updates came and the problems persisted. It was time to...


ThinkPad X1 Yoga battery replacement

My ThinkPad X1 Yoga battery has started getting battery wear, and I also suspected something was not entirely well with this battery. Here is the story of my X1 Yoga battery replacement. Story of two ThinkPads We ordered two ThinkPad X1 Yogas when they first appeared in 2016. The other...


ThinkPad battery charging thresholds

There are a lot of theories and information about ThinkPad charging thresholds. Some theories say thresholds are needed to keep the battery healthy, some think they are useless and the battery will work the same just as it is. In this article I will try not to settle that argument....