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ThinkVision P44w in action 4

ThinkVision P44w hands-on review

The ThinkVision P44w is a wide 32:10 44″ curved display. It has the size of two 16:10 displays in one continuous glass. And it is awesome to work on or game with. Overview Multiple monitors are often used at many workplaces. I have been using a dual display setup for...

Lenovo Legion Y44w 1

Lenovo CES 2019: Ultra wide displays

At CES 2019 Lenovo announced two very exciting new displays: the ThinkVision P44w and the Legion Y44w ultra wide displays. Wide screens Both of these displays are ultra wide. They are the same size as two 24″ displays side by side (two 16:10 screens). But in the case of the P44w/Y44w there would...