Legion Y530: RAM upgrade and maximum supported memory

Lenovo Legion Y530
Lenovo Legion Y530

If you find yourself in need for more RAM for your Legion Y530, can you update it yourself? Is it difficult? How much memory does the Legion Y530 support anyway?

RAM upgrade?

I ended up ordering a Legion Y530 that only contained 8GB of memory. As the machine is destined to become a development machine, this memory amount is just not enough. So I needed to upgrade it.

Why buy a machine like that in the first place, you ask? Because when looking at what configurations were available in Finland, none were a perfect fit for what I was looking for. But as the RAM is upgradeable, I choose one that most closely matches my requirements, but had less RAM than needed.

Maximum supported memory

The maximum supported memory for the Legion Y530 is 32GB of memory. It has two memory slots, each slot supports 16GB of memory. The supported memory type is DDR4 SO-DIMM 2666Mhz RAM.

The maximum amount of 32GB I confirmed by installing this much memory in the Y530 🙂

The Lenovo PSREF contains (at the moment) wrong information, because it states that 16GB as the maximum amount of memory. If you check the data sheets, product announcements or the Lenovo web page, they will all list 32GB as the maximum amount available.


Will this upgrade break my warranty? If you do not break anything else in the process, your warranty will remain intact, but of course will not cover the new memory modules you add. Only the original RAM module is covered by the warranty.

If you happen to make any damage during the upgrade, then that is not covered by warranty.


To perform the RAM upgrade, you will need the following:

  • One (or more) Legion Y530 notebooks of course 🙂
  • DDR4 2666Mhz SO DIMM memory module or modules. I used Kingston Hyper X for the upgrade.
  • The hardware maintenance manual for the Legion Y530. I like to put it onto a tablet, so I can view it during the time I am working on the computer.
  • A flat surface to work on
  • A small Philips head screwdriver
  • Thin plastic tools to pry open the back cover
  • Good lights
Preparing to upgrade RAM

Preparing to upgrade RAM

I like to use tools by iFixit. You can buy a kit that contains almost everything you need, like their Pro Tech Toolkit. Or you can buy individual tools or some bagged kits as well. Notice they have a separate EU store.

Disclaimer: I am not supported by or affiliated with iFixit. I chose their tools because I find them very useful, but I do not receive any sort of compensation for recommending them. 

Getting started

You need to remove 11 screws from the back panel before you can get it off. You might need some sort of container to hold them while you do your repairs. Also note that 5 are different length then the rest, so make sure you don’t mix them up!

With the screws removed you need to push something in between the back panel and the body. DO NOT USE anything metallic like a blade, because you will leave scratch marks. The iFixit spudger works wonders, as do the opening picks or opening tools.

Legion Y530 back panel

Legion Y530 back panel

I tried inserting the opening picks first, then flexing a little so I can get the opening tool or the spudger in between the panel and the base. Then I try to widen the gap so the plastic hooks give way. For example you can try twisting the spudger. You should hear small clicks as the backpanel starts to open up.

I released the front side first, before moving on to the sides. The air flow vents required some extra force that made me a little uncomfortable. The vent need to be flexed OUTWARD from the body to have it separate. The back side did not give any resistance when the front and the sides were removed.

Inside the Legion Y530

Make sure to follow the Hardware Maintenance Manual as to what order to proceed!

Legion Y530 from the inside

Legion Y530 from the inside

Disconnect the battery first. You should also touch some metallic object that is grounded (like a radiator in a central heating system or similar thing). This will discharge any static electricity you might have. If you touch the memory modules while loaded with static electricity, you might damage the memory module(s) or your computer.

The memory is located under the shiny metal rectangle in the middle.

Memory shield

Memory shield

The memory shield in held in place by clips. I inserted the opening picks between the shield and the clip on the right side, before using the spudger to lift the shield. When one side was freed, I simply removed the shield with hands. Make sure to lift the entire shield upwards. If you tilt one side up, you risk braking the clips.

Underneath the shield are two memory slots.

Memory slots

Memory slots

You need to unclip the existing module or modules on the sides, slide them out and then slide in the new modules, and push them down until they click in place. See the HMM again.

Putting it together

Put the shield back in place, making sure the edges go between the clips on all sides.

Reconnect the battery.

Replace the back cover, from the back first. Clip the back side in place, proceed on the sides and finally on the front. Add all the screws you removed.


Some instructions say you might need to reboot several times for the new RAM to be recognized. My first reboot lasted an awfully long time before the Legion logo showed up. But after that Windows started and it reported 32GB of RAM.

I also entered BIOS settings and confirmed the RAM amount is visible there as well.

Y530 BIOS with memory amount

Y530 BIOS with memory amount

That concludes the RAM upgrade for the Legion Y530 🙂

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7 Responses

  1. Steven Leezy says:

    Would you sell that 8 gb stick of ram? I would love to double the ram in my y530

  2. Jake says:

    Where did buy those 16×2 ram kingston hyper x kit? Please help 🙂

  3. Jake says:

    Where did buy those 16×2 ram kingston hyper x kit? Please help :)…

    • Lenard says:

      I bought them from a shop called Multitronic (www.multitronic.fi), if you are in Finland you can use them. I don’t know if they ship to other countries.

  4. Jake says:

    Do you still remember the complete product name?

  5. Ariin says:

    Honest question to you, @Lenard. Did you ever have the issue where the Legion Y530’s fans would spin up while idle or doing low-intensity things like opening a web browser?
    At least I can share my experience here: I had this issue and was so brokenheartedly disappointed that I just straight up returned the machine as defective. I already purchased 32GB ram and a 1TB PCIe ssd for it and – except this single fan flaw – it was a perfect machine to me.. Absolutely beautiful and non-cheesy (no red lighting, phew!)… I’m very bitter about it since I have an incredibly hard time finding a good machine. Hope you can share some of your experiences; I want to give this model or next model another shot at it, but there are so many forum complaints about this issue (lasting through the last few Legion series) that I’m worried that Lenovo just doesn’t care. They had years to fix it, but they never even comment on their own forums. Thanks!

  1. September 20, 2018

    […] You need to open up the Legion Y530 first. You can read about removing the back cover in my article about the Legion Y530 RAM upgrades. […]

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