Cookie and Privacy Policy

So you wonder what this web page does with your personal data?

  1. Yes, this page uses cookies. As I am not using advertising in any form, there are no tracking cookies, or ad-customization cookies. The web page uses WordPress and there are some WordPress cookies that might be set as you browse around. You can read more about this in Automattic’s Cookie Policy
  2. This page uses Google Analytics for generating analysis of the visitors. Google Analytics will also set a cookie. In addition it will use your IP address to try to guess where you are visiting from. This is for me to understand who is reading the blog and from where. IP addresses are not stored, and individual requests / visitors are not tracked.
  3. If you subscribe to this blog, your email address will be stored in order to send you notification of new content. The email address will not be released to third parties or be used for anything else. No personal messages or whatever nonsense will be sent to them.

If you have questions about this policy, feel free to comment. I will leave the comment section open for this page.