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ThinkPad Stack and Raspberry Pi

Did you know that you can power a Raspberry Pi from your ThinkPad Stack? The ThinkPad Stack is a modular device that has four parts (currently), one being a mobile battery. The battery is able to provide enough power to power it up and keep it running, even with some light...


ThinkPad Stack review

The ThinkPad Stack is a collection of four devices that you can connect together in a way you need them. The Stack consists of a power source (battery), a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless router/access point and a 1Tb harddrive. I have shared a large number of images in my previous...


ThinkPad Stack Gallery

The ThinkPad Stack is composed of individual devices that can be attached to each other to work together. ThinkPad Stack is composed of: a hard drive a wireless router a bluetooth speaker a portable battery This gallery contains images of the ThinkPad Stack. I am currently working on a review, and...