Miix 510 tip: Where is my Fn lock?

A quick tip for Lenovo Miix 510 users if you have struggle to find the Fn-lock functionality.

If you start using a Lenovo Miix 510 2-in-1, you will shortly notice that the keyboard function row invokes the special functions first. This means that when you press the “F7” key, it will switch the computer into Airplane mode. Should you want to invoke the F7 function, you need to press Fn+F7.

Because I need the Fx functions more than the functions behind them (I am shortcut freak software developer), I always like to switch the Fx functions to be primary. For the YOGA 900 this meant going into BIOS and changing the setting, but there is no such setting on the Miix 510 in the BIOS/UEFI settings.

Lenovo Miix 510 keyboard folio

Lenovo Miix 510 keyboard folio

So is there a Fn-lock available in the Miix 510?

As it turns out, you need to update the keyboard folio firmware + driver. After that, you can invoke the “Fn lock” functionality by pressing Fn+ESC. And now the Fx functions are the primary ones, and I need to hit Fn+F7 to invoke airplane mode.

So, first try to push Fn+ESC, and if it does not work, download the driver from Lenovo. (You will see a floating icon appear near the bottom middle of the screen that tells you if Fn lock mode has been disabled or enabled. If this does not appear, update your drivers).

Note that there is no icon or text printed on the ESC key to indicate this functions. Probably this was added after the keyboard folio was finalized.

Lenovo Miix 510

Lenovo Miix 510

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  1. Maxim says:

    It was the same problem. After updating the driver, the keyboard does not work.

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