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ThinkPad X1 Yoga: 4K video playback performance

I examined 4K video playback on the Yoga 3 Pro and the YOGA 900 before. I found that when using Internet Explorer or Edge, the computer properly uses hardware decoding and the CPU is not stressed that much or much at all. And then in Google Chrome, it somehow uses...


X1 Yoga tip: Annotate presentations

If you got youself a ThinkPad X1 Yoga, you probably already tried the pen. Taking notes in OneNote or drawing in a drawing program. Cool. But what else can you use it for? If you are doing a presentation in PowerPoint, you might have found yourself in a situations where the...


Yoga Comparison web app

I wrote an article in the beginning of March that compared the different Yoga computers from Lenovo. This article contained a static table that referenced some Yoga models. It was a static table and not all models made it in there. It also was just a fraction of the information that...


ThinkPad X1 Yoga review

The ThinkPad X1 range of notebooks have been the top of the ultrabook range for Lenovo in the last few years. This year Lenovo released a version that combines the best of the X1 Carbon and the Yoga 2-in-1 convertible computers. This is the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. Pros and Cons...


Eturintaman koodarit

This post is available in Finnish only. It links to a Finnish podcast episode I took part in, and talked about JavaScript coding for .NET developers. Maaliskuun jaksossa Sakke ja Jouni keskusteli Jarmo Tikan ja minun kanssa JavaScript-maailmasta .NET-hemmon silmin. Jakso on ladattavissa tai kuunneltavissa netissä sekä suosituissa podcast välineissä.


Debugging tools for the web

Back in January I did a presentation at NDC London about using debugging tools for Web application developers. In particular I talked about Chrome Dev Tools and Fiddler. If you are not familiar with them but are doing web development, I recommend you check this out. Debugging tools for the...