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Eturintaman koodarit

This post is available in Finnish only. It links to a Finnish podcast episode I took part in, and talked about JavaScript coding for .NET developers. Maaliskuun jaksossa Sakke ja Jouni keskusteli Jarmo Tikan ja minun kanssa JavaScript-maailmasta .NET-hemmon silmin. Jakso on ladattavissa tai kuunneltavissa netissä sekä suosituissa podcast välineissä.


Debugging tools for the web

Back in January I did a presentation at NDC London about using debugging tools for Web application developers. In particular I talked about Chrome Dev Tools and Fiddler. If you are not familiar with them but are doing web development, I recommend you check this out. Debugging tools for the...


Which way to bend? (Yoga Guide)

Update 26.4.2016: I published a new article with a link to a companion web app for this article. You can more interactively compare the different Yoga models there. I also added a reference to this web app to this original article. Update 22.6.2016: As this article gets a lot of views, I...


OneLink+ dock pictures

The OneLink+ dock works with the ThinkPad Yoga 260 and the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. Click on the link above to see some pictures of it. The ThinkPad Yoga line does not have a traditional docking port, that is usually at the bottom of the notebook. Instead they rely on the...


ThinkPad Compact Keyboard

I purchased a ThinkPad Compact Keyboard, the USB cable variant – there is also a bluetooth one. It feels just like a great ThinkPad notebook, and works great with my current desk-setup (dual monitors). Click the link above to view my album on Flickr. And it also works great with...


YOGA 900 – Preinstalled software

This is the third article concerning the YOGA 900. In here I talk about the preinstalled software experience of the YOGA 900. My previous articles were: Lenovo YOGA 900 review YOGA 900 keyboard configuration and hidden keys The Lenovo promise Sometime last year, Lenovo promised it will cut down on...