I have been obsessed with notebook batteries for many years. Always needed to know how the battery is doing. Ever since getting a ThinkPad, I was also very interested about its battery and the charging thresholds. So no wonder that at one point I created my own little battery utility, called BatteryInfo.


I thought: do I really need Lenovo utilities to get information about my battery? Could I get this information on non Lenovo systems? And could I get this information easily (it was available in different places).

After some digging, I found the right Windows WIN32 API calls to get the info and built my little app. It can tell me what is happening with the battery: is it charging or discharging. How fast it is going? Time left? What about battery wear, how bad is it?

It is a very simple utility, but I have now used it for years to check on my batteries. It is small and fast.

I wanted to release it for a very long time, but … I don’t know what … life got in the way 🙂


It is currently available as a .ZIP file download.

Just unpack and run. Although it has a digital signature, Windows SmartScreen might complain until more people download it and start using it. 🙂

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  1. March 3, 2021

    […] To quickly check the wear level of the battery you can now also use a small battery utility I created. Read more about BatteryInfo here. […]

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