My personal home

I finally got around to creating my personal homepage. You are looking at the results right now.

I wanted something that is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of coding work on my part. A lot of my time is taken up by different projects and my IRL life 🙂 So this had to be a simple project. As simple as it is, I still wanted to experiment with some new things as I created it.

The site is created using ASP.NET MVC on the server side, and it uses HTML5/Javascript/CSS3 on the client side. Some very minor jQuery is used. The HTML template is based on the Skeleton web site template. This also means that this webpage is super friendly with mobile browsers.

Although I do not expect a whole lot of comments here, I still integrated the DISQUS commenting platform into the page. And that is one way to get in touch with me.

There are also other ways how you can get in touch with me: use the icons you find at the top of this page. Facebook is usually reserved for more personal contacts, so please try the other ones first if you don’t know me 🙂

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