Legion Y530: Manuals and next gen NVIDIA GPUs

Lenovo Legion Y530
Lenovo Legion Y530

Lenovo announced the Legion Y530 notebook in the middle of June 2018. The notebook became available (in certain configurations) right away in North America. For Europe, we still need to wait (probably until July 2018) to get this new notebook.

User Guide and Hardware Maintenance Manual

The Lenovo Support site already has a section for the Legion Y530. And you can find two manuals here already (besides some drivers as well). If you are interested in the internals of the Legion Y530, dig right in:


While looking through the Hardware Maintenance Manual I came across a reference to the NVIDIA GTX 1160 GPU.

Legion Y530 Hardware Maintenance Manual snippet

Legion Y530 Hardware Maintenance Manual snippet

If you read my preview of the Y530 you will know that I wondered why did they restrict the Y530 to the GTX 1050 (Ti) GPU, when the predecessor, the Legion Y520 also had the GTX 1060?

This is the answer then. Lenovo probably wanted the next gen GPUs in its gaming products, but since NVIDIA has not announced anything, so couldn’t Lenovo announce it either. Although this does not tell us when next gen GPUs will be available, probably as soon as NVIDIA announces them, we can expect the Legion notebooks to ship with them! Cool! 🙂

The lack of a powerful GPU might also explain why the current models available (in the US&Canada only, at the time of this writing) do not get the 144Hz screen either.

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  1. January 15, 2019

    […] I bought the Y530 there was some evidence that the next generation NVIDIA GTX card (then called 1160) would be also an option for the Y530. In January of 2019, Lenovo announced the Legion Y540 that […]

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