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Food? Hardware? Software? WTF?

I have been toying around what to do with my personal homepage – this that you are reading right now. You see, I have not been inactive during the past years, even though my blogging and creation activity might indicate such. I have been playing with the Raspberry Pi, with an...


Hidden keys of ThinkPads

Ever miss a key on your ThinkPad? It might be there, it is just hidden. Check out this article for more info on hidden keys.


GVim font changing

Using the graphical interface on your Raspberry Pi? Using gvim as the editor? Don’t like the font (or size)?


Peek definition

You probably know F12 in Visual Studio, which transfers you to the point of a definition. But did you know that pressing Alt-F12 will invoke a function called peek definition, which only opens a small popup to inspect the code, but will not actually go there. Much faster to check...


PowerShell aliases, or how to run Notepad++ easily from PowerShell

I have to sometimes play around with PowerShell, and while in there, sometimes I need to edit files. I prefer Notepad++, but found it difficult and slow to start. So aliases to the rescue. Just typing: set-alias edit “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe” will create a new alias called edit. And it can be invoked...


Chicken with Goat-cheese sauce

Tasty main dish. Ingredients Chicken breast, about 800g 2x 2dl food cream (18%) Goat cheese, to taste (say 150g) Grated cheese Feta cheese (little cubes are the best) Salt, pepper, meiram Shredded lettuce Instructions In a pan heat the food cream until its about to boil. Cut the goat cheese into...