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#LenovoLaunch and #LenovoIFA

At the Lenovo Launch event in Berlin, Lenovo announced a lot of new products, including tablets, notebooks, smartphones. Also announced a phablet called … surprise surprise … the Lenovo PHAB. Here are my first impressions from Berlin. Disclaimer: I was invited to these events by Lenovo and I am a...


ThinkPad battery charging thresholds

There are a lot of theories and information about ThinkPad charging thresholds. Some theories say thresholds are needed to keep the battery healthy, some think they are useless and the battery will work the same just as it is. In this article I will try not to settle that argument....


ThinkPad Stack review

The ThinkPad Stack is a collection of four devices that you can connect together in a way you need them. The Stack consists of a power source (battery), a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless router/access point and a 1Tb harddrive. I have shared a large number of images in my previous...


The retro ThinkPad

David Hill is the designer and creative mind behind the ThinkPad design. This year he conceived a very cool new project he calls the retro ThinkPad. Many people for many years have disliked the changes in the recent ThinkPads, and wanted something akin to the older ThinkPads. David thought that...


ThinkPad Stack Gallery

The ThinkPad Stack is composed of individual devices that can be attached to each other to work together. ThinkPad Stack is composed of: a hard drive a wireless router a bluetooth speaker a portable battery This gallery contains images of the ThinkPad Stack. I am currently working on a review, and...


VIM cheat sheet

Ever wanted to have a nice graphical overview of VIM keys? Here you go. There are actually multiple great cheat sheets available, not just the one linked above. * More VI cheat sheet