The retro ThinkPad

David Hill is the designer and creative mind behind the ThinkPad design. This year he conceived a very cool new project he calls the retro ThinkPad. Many people for many years have disliked the changes in the recent ThinkPads, and wanted something akin to the older ThinkPads. David thought that he would measure interest and through surveys look at what people would want. And then perhaps (if interest is high enough) Lenovo would build the retro ThinkPad, which would then have all the greatest features of all the ThinkPads 🙂

This post links to #4 of those surveys. From there you can also look at the first three surveys. If you are a ThinkPad fan and want to contribute, please do. I have expressed my opinion as well. I want a small but powerful computer with led indicators and a large keyboard, with all the latest technology inside. And not a 16:9 screen. Will it ever happen? We don’t know yet, but interest certainly has been high.

So head over to the Lenovo blogs and leave your comments and opinions there!

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