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VIM cheat sheet

Ever wanted to have a nice graphical overview of VIM keys? Here you go. There are actually multiple great cheat sheets available, not just the one linked above. * More VI cheat sheet


Visual Studio 2015 released!

Visual Studio 2015 has been released. For you RC users here is a little heads up: You can simply install the RTM version and will upgrade the RC version nicely. No need to remove anything prior to install. (But do note that before Windows 10 RTMs next week you cannot...


Yoga 3 Pro: HD&4K video problem persists

In my Yoga 3 Pro review I talked about a problem of watching HD and 4K videos on the Yoga 3 Pro with Chrome. Chrome wants to use the VP9/WebM codec by default, which is not hardware accelerated on the Yoga 3 Pro. Result: if you watch videos on the...


Yoga 3 Pro: What would you change?

Is there something you would change in the Yoga 3 Pro? Now is the time to speak up, Lenovo is listening! I am pretty satisfied with what is in the package. I have a few minor complaints (like a little too flimsy headphone jack) but there are other great opinions...


Yoga 3 Pro: Preparing a presentation (workflow)

Working as a software professional, I sometimes do presentations on various subjects. The Yoga 3 Pro is a very nice tool that can be used from beginning to end as you prepare and present. Reading Reading is my preferred way of learning about things. Usually there are a lot of...


Yoga 3 Pro: Preinstalled software

This article talks about preinstalled software on the Yoga 3 Pro notebook. You can also read my full review here. As you open up your Yoga 3 Pro for the first time, you will find a lot of software has been preinstalled. If you read this article and you do...